Born and raised in Bulgaria, I am a classically trained theatre actress with a Bachelor degree from the National Academy for Theatre and Film in Sofia, Bulgaria.I am fluent in English, French, Bulgarian as well as sufficient in Russian.

 I come from a very old family name in Bulgaria. My ancestors  were poets and revolutionaries who gave their lives, fighting against the Ottoman rule for their homeland’s freedom. 

It was heartbreaking  for me to leave my home but my ambition and my adventurer’s soul  took me abroad. 

 I am thankful that my parents helped me develop a passion for foreign languages, because now  my knowledge in languages  always comes in handy. 

Besides  foreign languages, I've always been interested in all art forms. My favorite thing to do, while I was living in Paris a couple of years ago, was visiting museums. I adore Rodin, Picasso, Monet , Dali. The amazing gardens, filled with sculptures, surrounding Rodin’s house, are the perfect place to sit down in the summer,  read a book and unleash your fantasies. 

I started reading at a very young age. Everything started with a forgotten, covered with dust Agatha Christie’s novel,  called “ Murder for Christmas” which I found in my grandparents house. I loved adventure stories. I  read Harry Potter all in a breath. But when I was accepted to study theatre in the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, my love for plays replaced my passion for novels. I also started reading a lot of Nietzsche, Freud, Bart, everything to help me go deeper into human’s psychology. I had the privilege to work on texts of great playwrights such as Shakespeare, Chekhov, Moliere…

Those texts inspired me so much that in the second year of my studies I wrote a poetry book, called “Among the echo of my thoughts”. 

Around the same time I landed my first leading part in a feature movie and I started realizing that I want to move somewhere where the film production is big, acting is a business  and the final product is exciting. 

My mother had difficulties letting me go. My father passed away when I was nine, shortly after that I lost all my grandparents. I have a huge respect for my mother  for being able to raise me as a single parent and in the same time to do so well in her career. She became  a Judge in the Supreme Court in Bulgaria. I studied law for a year  but, as interesting as it was,  my heart was elsewhere. I don't regret spending this time to gain some knowledge, it's always helpful when I need to play a lawyer. My mother sometimes asks me for my opinion on heavy cases and I feel very flattered. I miss her and my two dogs very much. One of them is already seventeen years old but she has a young spirit and still loves to play with me, which is one of my favorite things to do when I'm home. 

Another thing I really love doing is cooking. I try a new recepy every day. My boyfriend created a website, called “Lora’s kitchen” and he often publishes photos of the meals I make. I'm learning to chop very fast now so I can incorporate that  in my craft when I need to.

I love trying food from all around the world but I make sure I stay in shape. I exercise every other day and since I quit cigarettes,  I can breath during cardio too! 

When I was younger, my friends and I, were joking that we smoke so much  that we get out of breath while walking up the  stairs. It  was easy to buy cigarettes and liquor in Eastern Europe. Even if you're thirteen. I remember how we use to meet at 6am before school, in the coldest winter, just so we could smoke, drink coffee and tell each other stories. And I  had a lot of stories to tell because I was never overthinking my actions. So by that time I had nearly drown in Egypt, trying to prove that I can swim two miles from our yacht to an island, I had broken my bones several times doing things that weren't very smart and I was very close to being kidnapped in India, while I was translating from English for a Bulgarian touristic group. 

I traveled all around the world, in the begging with my parents, then with my friends, in the end on my own. 

I came to the US a year ago, alone, with one suitcase, not knowing even how to cross the street. Everything was new for me, the rules, the nature, the people. In the beginning my head was constantly hurting because I wasn’t used to thinking in English. I experienced several panic attacks from being away from home and feeling alone. I started thinking that maybe the people who were telling me that I was brave to follow my dreams weren't right. Maybe I was just foolish. 

A lot of the people were supporting my decision to move to the US, maybe because I was doing what they wanted to do deep inside but they were too afraid to take that step into the unknown. Many of them were very skeptical too. They believed that they won’t have any success here and they will probably travel across the world only to end up illegally washing dishes at some shady pub. Some of them told me that the competition here is too big and I won't make it. I promised to myself to prove them wrong and show that if you work hard enough and if you're smart, everything is possible. So I got stronger, my English got better, I created my own web series, booked a couple of short movies and just got an commercial agent! So here we are and here's where my story ends for now. Waiting for the next journey. Working for thesame dream.